Our Mission

To care, educate, discover, and advocate to improve the health of children.

Our Vision

We strive to transform child and youth health.

Philosophy / Values

  • Patients first, family centred care.
  • Understanding of a child’s and families hospital experience.
  • Supporting and mentoring our staff to stay healthy and knowledgeable.
  • Open to new possibilities, new ways of coping with challenges which arise.

Our Partners

Our Nurses

  • Clinical Nurse Coordinators (CNC)
  • Nurse Educators
  • Cardiac and Acute Care Nurses

Our Cardiologists

  • Dr. Shubhayan Sanatani
  • Dr. Kevin Harris
  • Dr. Duncan
  • Dr. Hosking
  • Dr. Human
  • Dr. Sandor

Our Surgeons

  • Dr. Campbell
  • Dr. Gandhi

Our Allied Health Workers

  • Daniel K. Sirivar
  • Pharmacist