We are always looking for people who can help us make the day successful and fun for everyone. Here are some descriptions of the roles needed for our event:

Aid Station Assistance/ Ride Support

These stations will be available throughout the ride at specific sections along the route, mainly the tops and the bottoms of the mountains. The volunteers will have water and snacks for the riders to replenish their energy, take a break, and obtain any support they need on the ride. First-Aid training and/or knowledge of bike mechanics is also a plus. It’s an early start for these volunteers - but the most essential part! These shifts are a minimum of 5 hours, starting very early on the north shore. There needs to be one nurse per aid station car.

Roaming Mobile Support

These volunteers have their own vehicle, and are on-call for transport. Trucks that could transport a person and a bike; or cars with bike racks are a serious plus! Stations often need extra supplies, or a cyclist may need support between stations. There will also be some signage clean up along the route. These shifts are very flexible!

Medical Support

These volunteers will be available to give standard first-aid to riders and volunteers during the event. This event will not have a fully functional first aid tent but will have a roving medic who will possess advanced first aid. Many nurses, nurse practitioners and physicians have been our roaming medical support.

BBQ Helpers

Volunteers at the BBQ will help set up tents, tables for the event at the top of Cypress Mountain. They get to greet the riders who have finished climbing all three mountains (!) and help serve and replenish food. They create the atmosphere with music, noise-makers, and all around fun. Volunteers start this shift around 9:00AM at the top of Cypress mountain and help with clean up and contribute to taking recycling away post event.


If the volunteers work 6 hours or more they qualify for a letter of recognition from us which they can add to their CV. All the volunteers will celebrate with us at the top of Cypress for a Burger and snacks, and will have a change to win some prizes at our celebration.

If you interested in any of the above positions please complete the below form, indicating which position(s) you are interested form below and we will be in touch with you!

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