To raise funds for comfort items (care packages, a patio garden and activity items) for the patients and families of the Acute Medicine and Cardiac Unit at BC Children’s Hospital.

Also,  to provide an opportunity for individual and team cyclists to reach their goal of completing the Triple Crown of Vancouver in one day through personal and ride support.

Values – BC Children’s Acute Medicine and Cardiac Sciences

What guides our actions, focuses our work, and inspires our behavior?

  • patients first, family centred care
  • understanding of a child’s and families hospital experience
  • supporting and mentoring our staff to stay healthy and knowledgeable
  • open to new possibilities, new ways of coping with challenges which arise

Values – Triple Crown For Heart Association

  • to encourage people to get involved and stay fit in preparation for this ride
  • to provide a safe and supportive way to climb all three mountains in one day
  • work as a team to make the ride a success,  to follow the rules of the road, to ride with cyclists of similar speed but when needed to stop and assist other riders
  • to coach and support each other (flat tires, difficult grades, nutrition support)
  • be respectful of volunteers and riders of all levels
  • to understand your own personal limits and listen to those around you who are there to support you
  • demeaning behaviour,  mean spirited sportsmanship or foul language will not be tolerated
  • most of all ENJOY YOURSELF!