MARIE CAMPBELL Founder, Chairperson, Jill of all Trades
Registered Paediatric Cardiac Nurse, tri-geek and swimmer with a penchant for sunshine, Earl Grey tea,  ’70’s funk & motown, travel and the great outdoors.

STEPHEN BARBAZUK Executive Director
Stephen is a native Vancouverite. Growing up in Lynn Valley, he cherishes his “peak-moment” of receiving a white Sears Free Spirit 10-Speed bike, on his 10th birthday (complete with blue-foam handlebar grips - and it's still at the house he grew up in). After a taste of flight on the bike, freedom has since become one of his core values. Stephen is an executive director for a national child and maternal health clinical research network and it is his houour to volunteer in the same capacity for this event and cause. When not blowing tires and turning wheels, he blows glass and turns vessels at his neighbourhood hot shop in East Van. His message is: “Thanks to the volunteer organizing committee, our riders, sponsors, donors and most importantly, our volunteers – you get up earlier than anyone else on event day and we really could not do this without you! Allez! Allez!

DOMINIK SZOPA Technical Director
Dominik came to Canada at a very young age from Poland and his family made their home here in Vancouver.  Besides having done a healthy amount of traveling and international relief work he is an avid cyclist, swimmer,  triathlete.

STUART LEW Vice Chairperson, Jack of all Trades
Director of The Harry & Lin Chin Foundation, and Secretary of the Building Management Committee of The Golden Age Court Seniors’ Residence, member of the East Van Hand ultimate team, road cyclist (member of the Cannibal Sausage Factory Team).

ASHLEY BELL Volunteer Coordinator

KAREEM SHOUHDY Marketing and Sponsorship Coordinator

LAURA FEAR Communications and Web Coordinator

JULIANE SIU Social Media and Web Coordinator