To complete the Triple Crown, you should have a safe and properly maintained bike (road or hybrid, ideally) and a recent, undamaged and approved helmet. As you will be descending three mountains, brake functionality is essential. If you are unsure about the suitability of your bike, please take it to your local bike shop and let them know about riding up and down the local mountains.

Once you have a good bike, to help you prepare for the Triple Crown for Heart, we have created a few example training plans, a Beginner plan, and a more Advanced plan.

For the Beginner plan, you should be able to ride comfortably for a few hours, and a sustained climb (of about 10 minutes) should not be overwhelming. The Advanced Plan would be more appropriate for someone who has been riding regularly for 2-6 months and can ride for 80k with elevation gain.

For either training plan, if you do not have a current training plan or are unsure about your current health, please first contact your physician before attempting a new, intense training plan. For a more custom plan, please contact a local coach such as:

Andrew Tuovinen
Head Coach- Leading Edge (
Triathlon Canada/NCCP/BCRPA Certified

Beginner Training Plan

Advanced Training Plan